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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Surviving the budget on two wheels and tick spray

Dr Ezra Suruma presented his budget on June 15; in summary, he scrapped taxes on condoms and tick sprays, introduced tax on bottled water, increased tax on non-malt beer, and road licenses and traffic fines.

What does it all mean? For starters, it is going to hurt if you own a car or were planning to buy one. With a 10 percent environment fee on all non-commercial cars made before 1998, probably eight out of every 10 people buying a used car in the next 12 months will pay more.

If you have a tough skin (and an even tougher skull), you might consider buying a bicyle and riding to work. On the plus side, there is no traffic jam to worry about, it is good exercise and cheap too. Plus you don't have to pay Multiplex for parking (although you might have to invest in a chain).

On the negative side, your workmates might have a problem with you walking in all sweaty and your dating diary might suddenly become blank -- especially if you buy a 'Hero' or 'Raleigh' bicycle. I do not see many chicks taking up your offer to give them a 'ride' from Just Kicking to Rhino Pub, especially if they have to get off the bicycle and walk up Ternarn Avenue...

The levy on the bottled water might make it a bit more expensive but I wonder if you would still have to pay if you poured the water in a kaveera instead? It would still be cheaper than Eagle and Senator beer (who drinks this stuff? does it taste like bottled malwa?).

But you can take some bits of the budget to heart; slashing tax on condoms means protected sex just became a bit cheaper and if you do a 'Jacob Zuma' and forget one, don't just take a warm bath; use a tick spray; it just became cheaper too!


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