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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Buturo makes a mountain out of a mole of morals

SECOND FLOOR - Ethics and Integrity minister Dr James Nsaba Buturo has just issued a statement in response to two stories in today's Daily Monitor. The first is about Sweden threatening to cut aid if the anti-gay bill is passed. The second is about the EU accusing the government of paying lip service to the fight against corruption.

In his statement, (be patient, it is pasted below) Dr Buturo warns donors against poking their long noses in what is none-of-their-business. In defending the government in its 'fight' against corruption, Dr Buturo says: "It is a failure of one's understanding of the complexities of corruption to advocate that Government, for example, addresses matters to do with morality."

Soon after, he lashes out at the Swedes by emphasising the government's support of a bill that seeks, according to its backers, to end the immorality of homosexuality. Contradiction? You decide.

Oh, and one final idle point: Length of Dr Buturo's submission on the anti-homosexuality bill: 382 words. Length of his take on what many consider to be the biggest problem in the country today, corruption; 265 words.



This statement is in connection with two issues, namely, a statement said to have been made by the European Union Ambassador to Uganda on the subject of corruption and comments made that Sweden will cut aid to Uganda over the anti homosexuality Bill.

Government welcomes views that well wishers of Uganda make concerning her governance. It should be noted from the outset that when such views are from Diplomats who are accredited to Uganda, the standard diplomatic practice the world over is for such views to be communicated to Government through well known diplomatic channels. It is never, ever, standard practice in the civilized world for a Diplomat to address the Press of the country in which he or she is serving on how the host country is handling affairs of its land.

That said, Government takes interest in views that have been, allegedly, publicly aired in the Daily Monitor Newspaper of Thursday, 3rd December 2009.

It should also be clear to whoever cares to listen that nobody, including Uganda's friends, cares more about the people of Uganda than Uganda Government itself. Any pretence otherwise is simply false. His Excellency President Museveni and his Government have a passion for our citizens to a degree no one else has. We are mindful that every five years, our mandate to govern has to be renewed by the people of Uganda themselves.

It is being alleged that Government is offering lip-service as far as corruption is concerned. Such a comment can only be made by individuals who either know the truth but choose not to say it or are unaware of what is going on. The easier part always has been to blame Government for this disaster we now call corruption. It is correct to say that Government should do more than it has done so far in the fight against corruption. Government needs not to be told this by anybody about the need to actually raise the tempo of our response against the corrupt. Government has started doing that!

Lack of understanding of complexities of corruption often leads some people or critics to expect Government alone to fight corruption. It is clear to Government and whoever cares to understand the complexities of corruption, that it will take more than Government alone to defeat the corrupt. These people that are corrupt usually enjoy the support of foreign companies. The corrupt are found in government, the media, civil society organizations and citizens, to say the least.

If one is genuine about seeing the end to corruption, one should be advocating for collective will from all these actors to end corruption. It is a failure of one's understanding of the complexities of corruption to advocate that Government, for example, addresses matters to do with morality. Therefore, one of Government's new approaches in the coming year is to appeal to all the actors mentioned above to do more that what they have done so far and that includes Government.

There is a Bill in Parliament known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This subject is causing a great deal of interest around the world. The people of Uganda believe that practicing anal sex at the expense of heterosexual sex is not a normal practice. Ugandans know or believe that homosexuality involves practices that are dangerous and high risk to the human body which is designed for heterosexual functions. Ugandans also believe that anal sexual intercourse, foreign objects used in sexual intercourse and promiscuity do not deserve to be defended at all.

Having said that, it is clear to many of us that the over reaction so far is not surprising to us. Uganda accepts that in some countries it is normal practice for men to sleep with men and women with women. It is often defended that imperatives of human rights defend this practice. We do not believe so in Uganda. Majority of Ugandans hate to see the promotion of illegalities that they consider as dysfunctional, abnormal and unhealthy.

Ever since the Bill on Homosexuality was presented in Parliament, there have been various reactions as well as over-reactions from countries which are annoyed at our independence to enact our Laws. Consequently, we hear they are threatening to take action against Uganda. It is revealing that support to Uganda literally translated means that it is on condition that Uganda should do the bidding of givers of such support regardless of what Ugandans themselves think.

It is also revealing that support which would benefit countless number of orphans, children and mothers can be withdrawn simply because Government is protecting its citizens against vices such as homosexuality. Government has been clear about this matter that homosexuality or homosexual practices will not be promoted, encouraged and recommended to the people of Uganda.

Finally, on the issue of the Bill, those who are promising threats to the people of Uganda need to be helped to understand that the Bill is going through the normal democratic process of debate. The Bill is not the final document that will become Law. If there is belief that threats will influence Parliament to debate against the wishes of Uganda, those responsible for such threats should forget. We should all wait to see how Membens of Parliament will acquit themselves over this matter.
Dr Nsaba Buturo (MP)



Blogger gayuganda said...

Well, tells you what his priority is. Corruption, or homosexuality.

Any truths in the 'Family' stories? !!!!

6:58 am  
Blogger Tumwijuke Mutambuka said...

Oh Nsaba ...

You've got to love that guy.

9:45 pm  

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