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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Idle and Random thoughts from today's paper - Part I

KAMPALA - The New Vision reports that the government chemist will soon run DNA paternity tests for just $240. Appropriately, the scheme was launched by Vice President Gilbert 'Mahogany' Bukenya, who, readers of this blog would remember, apparently needs no reminding (or fancy test kits) to know which holes hold his mahogany seeds.

Timothy Bukumunhe, writing in the same paper, tells us about Miss Uganda beauty pageant contestants visiting the cancer unit at Mulago Hospital, complete with the girls, in sponsor's kits, talking to patients. Usually it is Sanyu Babies' Home. I personally fail to see what help these beautiful ladies are to terminally ill patients; give them a reason to try and fight on and enjoy the fine things in life?

Then Daily Monitor has a most surprising caption story on the cover, of more than 400 death row prisoners in Luzira attending a symposium on capital punishment. The prisoners were unanimous in their opposition to the death penalty. Hmn. What a surprise!

Oh, and then there is 'shocking' news that Pastor Kojo Nana, he of the electric shock gadget is wanted back home in Ghana for jumping bail. Could it be that he actually walked free with Ghanaian police too scared to touch him and bring him in lest they were shocked?

The way things are going, nothing is too shocking!


Blogger Scarlett Lion said...

I wrote a different caption they chose to rewrite. Wait for the article.

6:27 pm  
Anonymous SCK said...

D, it may be that BUKs could be planting his mahogany in deep and dodgy holes - what with all foul weather we have been experiencing these past months weather - that he may be in more need of the DNA services than most ordinary folks.

As you know, Poor Doctor M, and one a Ms JM are not the only fertile soils to have germinated some mahogany seedlings.

But while BUKs in undoubtedly well intentioned, I think what Uganda needs is not DNA specialists but vasectomy specialists to prevent
further ungazetted planting of more mahogany scions.

12:16 am  
Blogger els said...

not the beautiful ladies, just the help they brought. it's all for show for sure, but the sugar and stuff or whatever, that stuff is needed. and it helps.

9:39 am  

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