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Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh, the irony of the LRA

Now that the Lord's Resistance Army rebels are in the news, let's just look at their latest offering dripping, not with the blood of the innocents, but with irony.

According to the Vice President of the Government of South Sudan, Riek Marchar, the two LRA top honchos, Joseph Kony and Vincent Otti refused to travel to Juba to attend the planned peace talks with a Ugandan government delegation because they were afraid of being abducted whilst there, and handed over to the International Criminal Court, which has already issued warrants for their arrest.

Well, after ordering and masterminding the abduction of thousands of children in Nothern Uganda over the past two decades, the two rebel leaders probably know what they are talking about.

Oh, the irony!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, yes the irony, pure correct irony!

I think irrespective of what comes out of Juba, the fate of the two terror honchos is already decided: They MUST face the law( forget the M7 amnesty- to that later) or die, either finally hit by a blunt UPDF bullet or just die like any other human( hopefully by a huge snakebite, while a sleep).

Now to M7 amnesty. Lets assume that it works out and the two top butchers pop out of the shrubs or jungles where will they stay or go?

Will a man whose country is sustained by begging from the West resist pressure from his backers to stop 'sleeping' with war suspects?

Then is Charles Taylor still in Calabar in his swanky sea side house? I thought the big boss from Abuja had promised him protection.

The amnesty is not internationally binding- that's why JK& VO's fate is already decided.

Forget about the forgiveness and traditional justice in Acholi.

I recently watched a documentary, UGANDA RISING-some nosy guy based on his experience in West Africa asks: Are the ex-rebels in nothern Uganda being truly forgiven or the people in nothern Uganda have no alternatives?

Now that's a big one.

Again, traditional justice, did the old men in their wisdom anticipate a situation in which one man would be responsible for the death of say 200 people in the most sordid way?

That's another one.

Lastly I love your blog-but post more regularly and I hope you find out what those women are doing in Ouagadougou.


3:16 pm  

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