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Monday, October 15, 2007

Chewing funny mushrooms in Amsterdam

SCHIPHOL AIRPORT - Killing time. Trying to type as fast as possible so that I do not have to fork out another $10 for half an hour of internet time. Thankfully it is fast. A ferrari compared to the boda boda cyber cafes back in Kla.

Have not been to Schiphol before and it is like you would expect of any western airport. Went through Entebbe last night and noted that they are about done with laying the tiles. We are getting ready for CHOGM. And then? Will things fall apart soon after, having been hastily put together? Only time will tell. At least the guests will all be gone so it will be 'just Ugandans' to worry about.

Have tried to find one of those cafes that famously spice one's tea or coffee with stuff to send them high. Not that I would even contemplate trying it. Who me? Well, possession of small amounts is legal, but not sterner stuff. Just read a piece in the IHT (or was it the Guardian) on the plane about plans to make possession of 'funny mushrooms' illegal. See, while we go around eating mushrooms back home, here people eat some of the half-poisonous ones to get a high. There are reports of several deaths and injuries as people, high on mushrooms (lol!) jumped off buildings in the midst of hallucinations. Another guy drove his car through a campsite, although no one was injured.

If you hear of a guy who jumped out of a plane thinking the stewardess was trying to kill/kiss him, it would have been a good life (a good laugh, for you sadists).

Yours truly is off to DC, covering the IMF/World Bank annual meetings, and more. More about that and Georgetown -- oh, Georgetown -- if I am able to fight the temptation to jump.


P.S I am sure Dennis Matanda won't believe me posting more than twice in less than a month. Mid-life crisis or wanderlust/cyberlust? More about that, and Rwanda, soon.


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